Law Enforcement United “ROAD TO HOPE”

The Law Enforcement United is a group of Law Enforcement Officers, Survivors, and Civilian supporters who have made it their mission to honor the fallen and remember the survivors.

Law Enforcement United is founded upon and committed to honoring officers who have died in the line of duty, and ensuring that their surviving family is supported and not forgotten. Their fundraising efforts support The Road to Hope, Concerns of Police Survivors, The Officer Down Memorial Page, and Spirit of Blue Foundation.

​This past May, Dr. Michael Ebertz and Skin Care Doctors, P.A.,  proudly supported the 2018 “Road to Hope” Law Enforcement Bicycle Ride. Established in 2009, the annual Road to Hope Memorial Bicycle Ride leaves from Chesapeake, VA to Washington, D.C.  on May 10-12th.

The Road To Hope is a physically challenging and demanding event for both riders and support. Riders need to train and prepare for 250+ miles over three days. They have hills, and ride in a group formation. They are up early and end late. They pitch in and help each other out. They clean up their messes. They rely on jurisdictions to provide them with rest stops, road escorts, blocks and memorial stops so they want to be respectful and thankful for them.

We are a group of Law Enforcement, Survivors, and Civilian supporters  who have made it our mission to honor the fallen and remember the survivors. We are 100% volunteer driven organization.  We all have full time jobs and families just like you. Law Enforcement United is our passion, and we hope it becomes yours too.

To learn more about the Law Enforcement United “Road to Hope” please visit .

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